Mr. Rosmand Senaratne, having had his primary and secondary education at a Premier Buddhist School, Ananda College, Colombo, decided to go into an industry that was just taking root in Sri Lanka, and was then an “unchartered” field – the field of Electronic Media.

He joined the then Radio Ceylon on the 8th of September 1966 as a Technical Officer, and since then never looked back. He produced and presented many documentary, educational, current affairs, sports, religious, entertainment +and children’s programmes. He was a Radio and TV News Presenter as well.

A career spanning over 45 long years in the Electronic Media he has acquired knowledge in every aspect of  Television Broadcasting, and today he is one of the Pioneering Figures in this field in Sri Lanka

As mentioned above he joined Radio Ceylon in 1966 and then rose ‘step by step’ covering many spheres in the industry. Having joined in the lower rung, and worked his way up, Mr. Rosmand Senaratne held the following positions:

  • Technical Officer/Senior Technical Officer
1966-1979 Radio Ceylon/SLBC
  • Senior Technical Officer
1980-1982 ITN
  • Senior Technical Officer in charge of Rupavahini Studio Complex
1982-1987 Rupavahini Corporation
  • Assistant Director –Commercial Division
1987-1993 Rupavahini Corporation
  • Deputy Director – Commercial Division
1993-1994 Rupavahini Corporation
  • Acting Director – Commercial Division
1994-1995 Rupavahini Corporation
  • Managing Director
1995-1996 ETV (Pvt) Ltd
  • Director/General Manager
1996-2000 Swarnavahini
  • Director/General Manager cum Director News
2000-2008 Swarnavahini
  • Chief Executive Officer
2008 Sath FM
  • Director
2009-2010 Stride Services Pvt Ltd – Affiliated to David Pieris Motor Company


Since 2010 he functions as the Chairman/CEO of Independent Television Network Ltd (ITN) which is the no. 1 TV station in Sri Lanka and also the first TV channel that commenced transmission in Sri Lanka.


  • Commentator of the first Live Television Commentary  – 5th September 1979

The TV commentary of the 6th Non Aligned Conference in Havana (Cuba) telecast over Independent Television Network (ITN) was the first live television commentary. Live visuals were recorded at Earth Satellite Station at Padukka and dispatched to ITN transmitting station in Pannipitiya. The commentary was done by Mr. Rosmand Senaratne using a microphone directly connected to the transmitter when the recorded visuals are played back live. There was only Telex facility and no Facsimile or Internet. The relevant information was collected only from News Papers and Magazines.

  • Visualization of the opening theme and Station Identity of Independent Television Network Ltd (1980) –

Mr. Thevis Guruge who was the Director General of SLBC & the Competent Authority of ITN entrusted Mr. Rosmand Senaratne the assignment of visualizing the opening theme and station identity of ITN.

The opening theme of ITN had only the visual of the National Flag with the audio track. Appropriate visuals were captured by a news camera from outside Colombo and up country. Production was completed in three days.  The new opening theme of ITN was highly commended and scheduled for telecast with immediate effect. The opening theme done by Mr. Rosmand Senaratne has been the station identity of ITN for many years.

  • Director, Producer and Narrator of the first musical TV programme produced outside a studio (1981) –

“Bhakthi Tharangani” with duration of 30 minutes was the first TV musical programme produced outside a studio. It was televised at Gangaramaya and Kuppiyawatte Temple. This Programme was directed, produced and narrated by Mr. Rosmand Senaratne for telecast on Poson Poya Day in 1981.The music group and the artists were selected from the Sri Lanka Navy Band.

  • Vision Mixer and the Technical Coordinator of the first Live TV Outside Broadcast (1981)

The special ceremony held at Galle Face Green to commemorate the visit of Her Excellency the Queen of United Kingdom to Sri Lanka in 1981 was the first live TV Outside broadcast. This was done prior to commissioning of Rupavahini Corporation.

  • News Reader of the First Live TV News Bulletin (1982)

It was the practice that news bulletins were recorded thirty minutes before and the video cassettes were played back for news telecasts daily. Mr. Rosmand Senaratne took up the challenge to present news live.

  • Commentator of the live broadcast of the opening of the New Parliament at Sri Jayawardhanapura, Kotte (1982)
  • Presenter of the first Live TV Musical Show from BMICH (1983)

Privileged to be the presenter of the first live TV musical show telecast from BMICH to commemorate the first anniversary of Rupavahini

  • Commentator of the live broadcast of British Prime Minister’s visit to the Parliament (1984)
  • Built the first local teleprompter (1984)

The first local teleprompter used for news broadcast was built by Mr. Rosmand Senaratne and this was used for many years at SLRC

  • Presenter and moderator of the first TV live discussion

The first live TV discussion was held between Colombo and outside broadcast venue Sri Pada on Nawam Poya day in 1987.

  • Officer in charge of Technical Operation of the opening of the Sugathadasa Stadium live outside broadcast 
  • Senior Moderator of News & Current Affairs programmes
  • Presenter and Commentator of many-

National Day celebrations

Cultural events such as Kandy Perehara

Annual Book distribution by the President

SAF and Olympic Games and other live sports telecast

Children and other religious programmes

Rupavahini Anniversary musical programmes



  •  Was the President of the ‘Janasarana’ Programme, founded by Lion Soma Edirisinghe, District Governor (District 306B2).  Through “Janasarana Programme” carried out various social programmes that brought relief to the common man, by providing medical clinics, distribution of medical aid to the physically handicapped by way of wheel chairs, and Specialty equipment to injured soldiers and civilians alike.
  •  Helping school going students with basic school needs such as school books, text books, uniform material etc.
  •  Raised millions of rupees locally and through foreign donors and built  many houses for tsunami victims in the southern part of Sri Lanka
  • Currently as CEO and Chairman, Independent Television Network Litd continue to carry out eye clinics, medical camps and educational workshops etc. in remote areas of the country to help the needy.
  • Being a spiritually endowed person, carry out many programmes for uplifting the youth spiritually by way of TV discussions with learned monks, professors, doctors and scientists on Buddhist Philosophy and Spiritual Aspects of Human Life.


Mr. Rosmad Senaratne is the first to cover all five spheres of the Television Industry namely, Engineering, Programming, Commercial, News & Current Affairs and Management.

He completes 45years of service in the Electronic Media on the 8th of September 2011.